20th - 22nd September

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Min Chen

University of Oxford

Myths and Promises of Data Intelligence

In this talk, the speaker will examine the following myths: (1) The problem of "Big Data" is due to too much data. (2) The "Big Data" problem is a recent phenomenon. (3) Machine intelligence is the only hope. (4) Visualization provides insight. (5) Data processing inequity is ubiquitous. The speaker will draw evidence from a number of research projects in which he was involved to explain why Visual Analytics may offer a promise, and will discuss the potential role of the cyberspace in supporting data intelligence.

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Dr. Rafal Mantiuk

University of Cambridge

Towards perceptually realistic visual experience

Today's computer graphics techniques make it possible to create imagery that is hardly distinguishable from photographs. However, a photograph is clearly no match to an actual real-world scene. I argue that the next big challenge is to achieve perceptual realism by creating artificial imagery that would be hard to distinguish from reality. This requires profound changes in the entire imaging pipeline, from acquisition and rendering to display, with the strong focus on visual perception.

The technical limitations of display technologies make it very hard to deliver perceptually realistic images. However, we can get much closer to that goal by a technique that involves optimization of perceptual match between real-world visual content and the rendition of that content on a display. Given the limitations of a display and a model of visual system, we can render images which are the closest match to the real-world experience. I will demonstrate such approach on an example of modeling night vision, in which we can simulate night vision or compensate for its limitations. The method can be used in games, driving simulators, or as a compensation for displays used under varying ambient light levels.

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